Insurance for Single Parents
Insurance for Single Parents

Having children can be quite challenging, but what can increase that challenge tenfold is being a single parent to those children. When you’re a single parent you are mommy and daddy, bread winner and housekeeper. And it’s all for the kids, for them to be happy, healthy and to grow up right. When you’re running around trying to take the kids to school and extra-curricular activities, get groceries for the house, work to pay the bills and trying to find a moment to breathe; insurance for single parents may not even cross your mind. And if it does it seems to flutter right back out. With so much going on it’s hard to keep track of thoughts we have never learned too much about.

Life Insurance

We may not want to consider the thought, but there will come a time when we aren’t there for our children anymore. We will regrettably grow old and die, and in some very unfortunate cases we will leave this earth before our time has come. As much as we don’t want to think about these kinds of situations we still need to be prepared for them. Single parent life insurance is simply another one of those things we do to look out for our children. If anything were to happen to you, you need to be sure that you find some information about life insurance rates, so that your kids will be taken care of financially.

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Raising a child these days from newborn to eighteen can cost well over $100,000, and that’s just for one! With those kinds of numbers in mind don’t you want to know that your kid will have the money it needs to go to school, be fed and stay healthy if something were to happen to you? Of course and that’s exactly why you need to look into single parent insurance. Do not put it off, I know as a single parent you have a lot on your plate to begin with, but this is a must. You can’t overlook this step in caring for your family as a single parent.

Health Insurance

Single parent health insurance is just as important as single parent life insurance because as healthy as we may try to stay, everyone gets sick, and that includes your kids. No amount of vitamins, minerals, exercise or diet can stop illness from striking you and especially your children. This is because they have not had the time to build up their immune systems. As we grow up, get sick and get over it we build our immune systems so that it’s harder to become ill again. So first off when your child gets sick don’t worry yourself too much, this is normal and a healthy part of growing up. And second off look into health insurance so you are not left out in the cold when it does happen.

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Many companies help single parent families a lot with their single parent health insurance plans. They realize that money is stretched thin enough and there is no need to try and squeeze every penny out of these families. Instead they want to work with them to get insurance for single parents at an affordable rate and cross one more thing off of your “to do” list. Taking care of your family as a single parent can be incredibly stressful but it can also be intensely rewarding. From watching them grow into adults to cleaning up the chocolate syrup they found in the fridge when they were 4.

You should also talk to the other parent of your kids; whether or not they are paying child support you should stress the importance of having life and health insurance as a single parent. Making sure your kids are covered from every angle is an important part of being a good parent, and whether your insignificant other is doing their part doesn’t matter as much as being sure you are doing your part. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it take a drink. You know where the well is and you know how to drink, so don’t plague yourself with thirst, get on the ball and take the next step in caring for your family as a single parent.

There are many websites out there that will compare rates for you from the major insurance carriers, so you can get the best and cheapest policy. Here are a few that we can recommend. You may try all of them to ensure you get the best rate possible.

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