Since when did being a single parent mean you have to be lonely too?

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Parenthood is a challenge.

Being a single parent even more so.

Not only do you have to rise up and meet the needs of your children minute by minute, day by day, but you have to put on a happy face for them too.

And let's face it, when you're under the pressure of raising kids 24/7, that's a hard face to maintain.

Yes, children bring a great deal of love, joy and fulfillment into your life. There's no question about that.

But there's also no question that it can be quite depressing not to have anyone to share it all with.

Sure, you've got your friends, your family members, and your kids.

But they can't offer you the same level of connection as someone on a more intimate level can.

That's why despite the fact that your life is filled with your kids, your friends, your family, your workmates and many other people, at the end of the day when you lie down in bed and everything is quiet that heart wrenching loneliness still gribs you like a vice.

Did you know that the loneliness of being single is
often more intense with children than without?

Widely cast surveys of single people from all walks of life have shown that loneliness has less to do with being "alone" than it does with lacking what is needed to fullfil your inner and most personal needs.

These studies also revealed that being forced to raise a child alone creates heightened emotional stress above and beyond what is normally experienced with parenthood.

Juggling this emotional stress with meeting the needs of your children, while also trying to meet your own needs, can be a very tough ask.

If you're like most single parents, it's such a tough ask that what happens is you end up putting your own needs last. So far "last" in fact that they end up not being met at all.

The problem, which you know all too well, is that the longer this goes on, the more lonely and isolated you feel...

...even if you're surrounded by hundreds of people each day!

Psychologists often refer to this situation as "interpersonal isolation".

It doesn't mean you are isolated in a physical sense - though you could be - it means that you feel alone and that you feel isolated at a very deep level because the relationships you do have, as good as they are, just can't fulfill your basic human need for a deeper connection.

The kind of connection that a romantic love interest brings into your life.

The deepest, most enjoyable and life fulfilling
connection is the one that comes with the perfect romance.

Why is this important to know?

Because if you're a single parent who is feeling very lonely then you need to remind yourself that if you don't do anything about it, those feelings are only going to get worse.

Even though it may take a leap of faith to get back in the dating game, the sooner you take the plunge the easier it will be.

You owe it to yourself to find someone to share your life with that you can connect to on a deep and romantic level, and the truth is you owe it to your children too.

The longer you ignore your personal needs, the harder it's going to be for you to put on that happy face and be the rock your children depend on.

The good news is you can find the spark of romance once again.

It doesn't matter why you're single now. It's time to leave the past behind.

The only thing that matters is finding a new spark, a new connection, and igniting a new flame of romance.

The future isn't set. You can create it however you choose. There is love, compansionship and an end to loneliness out there for you.

All you have to do is take that first step to go after it.

It's time to meet someone special.
You just need to know how to make it happen:

  1. You can get over everything that has happened in your past, when you know how...
  2. You can find the willpower to start dating again, when you know how...
  3. You can find someone you're perfectly compatible with, when you know how...
  4. You can be attractive without hiding anything, when you know how...
  5. You can date someone and make it work with your children, when you know how...


You've no doubt spent countless hours with these and many other issues running through your mind.

But now, you can stop worrying about anything that has held you back so far.

Because you're about to have all the "how to" guidance you need laid out in front of you.

Getting back into dating is going to be easier than you can imagine.


And here's how…

"Single Parent Dating"

Getting Back into the Dating Game!

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The only thing that can ever hold you back from what you really want to do in life is fear of the unknown.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution to this one and only roadblock to your happiness.

Just shine a little light into the darkness so you can clearly see the road in front of you.

When you know all the answers to every "what if" question that pops up in your head, there won't be any reason for you to put off taking care of yourself any longer.

With a little help and guidance all the unknowns will be gone and there won't be anything left to fear.

"Single Parent Dating" gives you the confidence
to go after the happiness you truly deserve!

Whether you're a Mom or a Dad, you'll discover the way to:

  • Find the WILL and MOTIVATION to Date Again
  • Deal with the loss of your previous partner, no matter why they're no longer with you
  • Overcome destructive habits that are holding you back
  • Avoid being taken advantage of and stay safe
  • Develop all-new levels of confidence and build your inner strength
  • Rebuild your ability to trust again without getting hurt along the way
  • Pick the right partner both for yourself and to gel with your kids
  • Ask the crucial questions you need to answer before pursuing a new relationship
  • Stay safe and connect with great people at online dating services
  • Win your first date fast via 1 of the 8 best areas for finding your perfect partner
  • Master dating etiquette with 25 key principles that will never fail you
  • Approach someone who interests you and have them appreciate it!

...and much, much more.


"Single Parent Dating" leaves no stone unturned and no question unanswered.

Your past will become nothing but water under the bridge. And your future will be filled with excitement and hope for things to come!

You'll know exactly what to do, exactly where to go and exactly how to behave. And because you will be so absolutely and fully prepared, you won't have any reason to hold back.

You'll discover how to meet the fantastic potential dates hidden just out of sight in the classic match making zones all around you.

You'll learn how to create the perfect profile at online dating sites, find and meet up with amazing people and stay safe the entire time.

You will confidently step back out into the dating game without a single doubt in the world.

And with the self assured energy you give out, you'll connect with the right person in no time.

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One of the most important qualities that will help you get back in the dating game with ease is confidence.

And there are few better ways to feel confident than with the knowledge that you are in great shape and look fantastic!

We want you to have absolutely everything in your favor that you can possibly get.

And that's why we are including "The Quick Path to Health & Fitness Bundle" as our completely free gift to you.

This three part course is a fully self-contained guide to every aspect of health and fitness.

Use it to start feeling better and get yourself looking great, and you will positively glow on each and every date!

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"Generating the Proper Mindset for
Health and Fitness Programs"

Without exception health and fitness starts in the mind.

Whatever state of mind you are in, your body will follow.

This guide will prepare you internally to start reshaping your body and reinvigorate yourself from a foundation of mental strength.

Module #2:
"Your Guide to Healthy Eating"

Once you are mentally prepared it's time to take action to kick-start your body towards where you want it to be!

That old saying is as true now as it ever was: You are what you eat.

This guide will step you through how to choose the foods that will help your body transform faster and achieve a glowing health that everyone around you will notice almost straight away!

Module #3:
"Fitness - The Guide To Staying Healthy"

With your mind in great shape and your fuel topped up with high nutrtion foods, you'll be brimming with energy and ready to jump start your fitness plan.

This bonus is the icing on your perfect body cake. It offers you detailed but simple to follow guidelines guaranteed to deliver you a new fitter and healthier body within weeks.

As you start feeling and looking fantastic your confidence levels will explode!


With "Single Parent Dating" AND "The Quick Path to Health & Fitness Bundle" you are fully equipped with everything you need to get back out there with complete and absolute confidence.

But we don't ask you to take our word that these guides will deliver real, life changing results.

In fact we invite you to test them out with zero risk at all:

Single Parent Dating
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Money Back Guarantee

At this very moment in time you have a lot on your mind and the last thing we want to do is add to it by having you worry about whether or not "Single Parent Dating: Getting Back in the Game" is for you.

Of course, there is only one real question on your mind: will this work for you? If "Single Parent Dating" leads you out of your loneliness and plants you firmly back on the path of romance, then you'll look back without any regrets and be happy that you took a chance on yourself.

But right now you don't have the luxury of being able to "look back", so as it stands your biggest concern is whether or not it's worth trying for yourself.

So we're going to take that concern out your mind and make it COMPLETELY worth it by offering you a guarantee that you can't refuse: if, after you download, read and put "Single Parent Dating" into action, you're not completely satisfied, then just let us know with 60 days and we'll refund 100% of the purchase price on the spot.

That's a complete refund guarantee. What's more, we won't ask you any questions either, so no matter your reason you'll get your refund - if you ask for it.

We stand by "Single Parent Dating." It's a guide written by someone just like you, who went through exactly what you're going through, and who knows precisely the right way to go about filling that gaping hole that's currently in your life. And we're putting our money where our mouth is with our risk-free 100% money back guarantee.

With zero risk to you, there's NOW absolutely nothing holding you back from giving "Single Parent Dating" a shot at helping you to get back into the dating game and finding someone to share your life and have some fun with.

We know you'll be 100% glad you did.

"Single Parent Dating" is a complete roadmap that will guide you safely back into the world of dating.

Soon you'll be wondering why you ever waited so long!

When you get a call after work and hear your new partner's voice saying, "Hey babe, how was your day? Want me to come over?"

When you open the front door and see their smiling face, and a warm hug makes all the troubles and stresses fade away.

When your kids come running because they're just as happy as you are every time they come around.

When you're curling up on the couch arm in arm to watch a movie after the kids have gone to sleep.

And when you go to bed and there's no more empty darkness, no more loneliness, just the warm secure knowledge that there's someone by your side.

"Single Parent Dating"

Getting Back into the Dating Game!

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