May 16, 2011
Ways of Navigating the Social Scene as a Single Parent
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One way that you can help your children to adjust after the loss of a parent, or when their parents are going through a divorce, or separation is to make every effort you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle for yourself. Single parents face many challenges as they navigate life raising kids solo. One of the ways to help keep your sanity as you deal with the pressures of being a single parent is to have an active social life. When you are happier it is much easier to deal with stress. It is much easier for kids to believe that things will be ok when they see you smile more and when they see that you can enjoy life again. You may need a little help discovering ways of navigating the social scene as a single parent so we’ve put together this article with helpful tips.

The “social scene” can have many meanings for instance, when you hear that phrase do you immediately think of dating? Most people, probably do, so don’t feel alone. It can be intimidating for single parents to take that first step towards being social as a single after socializing as a couple. Many of the friends you had as a couple may feel uncomfortable choosing whom to be social with you or your spouse? This is especially true if the divorce was messy. It can also be true if you are a single parent as a result of becoming a widow. In the past you may have been a foursome and now it may be difficult for even good friends to call and invite you to do things that they used to do with you as a couple. The social scene may also mean that you are in need of getting out and having fun with your best adult friends, away from kid TV, baby talk, and diaper duty. The social scene definitely changes when you become a single parent.

One change is that it used to be easier to make plans for a social life when there was another adult to stay home and watch the kids while you ran off to spend some time with good friends. Now, it may be a challenge to find someone to watch the kids while you take some much-needed time with friends. Contacting a childcare provider service or your neighborhood babysitter can easily rectify this problem. Don’t forget neighbors and family members. They may jump at the chance to spend time with your kids.

When navigating the social scene, just be sure it is your idea and not someone else’s because if you are not truly ready to engage in social activities it can seem more like a punishment than something that is suppose to be fun and healthy for you.

Understand that your social scene may at times revolve around your children. Play dates may end up with the kids playing in one part of the house while moms or dads socialize in another room. The social scene may be initiated by work. That office party coming up just may give you a good reason to mingle a little with the opposite sex. Just try to restrain from cutting up the meat on the plate of the gentlemen to your right when sitting at these functions.

Don’t ignore single parent organizations as a way of navigating the social scene because they can help you to meet other single parents who will have a lot in common with you and can help you to break the ice when it comes to entering the social scene for the first time as a single parent. These organizations often have monthly social events for parents and kids or for adults only. Group social events are a non-pressure way to socialize and get comfortable with the whole social scene again. Parents Without Partners is one of those organizations that have been around for quite a while. There are chapters all over the U.S. If for some reason there is not one near you their website shows you how to start a chapter.

No matter how you decide to start navigating the social scene as a single parent, taking action and doing something just for fun can put a smile on your face and ease the tension at home.

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