May 17, 2011
Online Dating Meets the Single Parent
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Nothing screams risk more than online dating. Online dating involves people posting stuff about them that may or may not be true. The computer allows a person to hide behind it so that they can virtually type anything they want into a profile and the person on the other end has no idea if it is the truth or not. It becomes easy to exaggerate or embellish looks, employment or lifestyle when you are meeting online. What a person might hide during online dating might include a marriage or a criminal record. This becomes important and poses a higher risk for the single parent participating in online dating because of the fact that there are children involved. Is there a way for a single parent to successfully and safely find a date online?

In order to safely find a date online, a single parent should turn to the larger dating websites because they are more established, and have systems in place to protect your identity until you wish to reveal it.

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Look to consumer protection sites that monitor dating sites in order to help evaluate the safety and success rate of dating sites. did a comparison of the top dating sites of 2011 listing the features of the sites. In the top five spots were,,,, and The fastest growing dating site in the world is according to consumer-Rankings. has relationship advice from recognized experts, which may be beneficial to single parents looking for assistance as they navigate the dating waters again. All of the top five sites mention that they have personality matching systems in place to assist members finds the right date.

Single parents may be interested in niche dating available online that is based on a particular trait such as ethnic background, or religion. One site that is designed especially for single parents is SingleParentClick.

Online Dating Safety Tips

When using online dating services it is important to keep safety a top priority. Make sure that the service you are using has a double-blind system that allows site members to communicate without knowing each other’s email addresses or other personal contact information.

Statistically, most dates that start online does not work out so don’t expect to meet the right person right away. Dating is difficult at best but when you use a media that is online it may take longer to really get to know each other well. Remember that more than likely the people you meet online will not live locally and you will be carrying on a long-distance relationship.

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Use common sense when meeting online. Listen to your instinct about the members you meet. Be careful to be yourself and not someone that you want to be so that a compatible match will be more likely to occur. It can be unnerving to fill out a personality profile but try to remember you goal is to find someone that will match your dating needs and your personality, so be yourself.

Don’t rush into a relationship. Take your time to get to know each person you meet. Don’t feel pressured to meet face-to-face until you are ready. Take things at your own pace. It is not necessary to meet with everyone that you are matched up with online. Give personal contact information only to those you feel comfortable with and that you have communicated with for a while using the safety systems set up by the service. Use a cell phone or public payphone when making those first few contacts so that your home phone can’t be traced just in case it turns out that the match isn’t right for you after all.

When you do decide to meet face-to-face be sure it is in a public place and that you have your own transportation. Always let someone know that you are meeting someone that you met online.

Never agree to meet someone who is evasive about personal questions, is inconsistent with information or is disrespectful in any way. If the person you meet in person is nothing like the profile than that is a red flag.

Single parents can be successful at online dating if they follow the above suggestions and use common sense when giving out and receiving information. Trust your instincts about those you meet. Stick to the larger online dating services and don’t give out any personal contact information until you are sure of the person you are dealing with.

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