May 1, 2012
How Single Parents Can Find Love Despite a Busy Schedule
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If there is one thing everyone is searching for, it’s that special someone who they will want to spend the rest of their lives with. Eventually we’ll all reach that point where we will be tired of where we’re at in our lives and want a change. For some this is easier whereas for others it is an entirely new challenge. You may even have experienced it once and somehow lost yourself along the way, resulting in a child born into the family that sadly gets split up as a result of different circumstances. Fear not, however, it is still possible to learn how single parents can find love despite a busy schedule and to be that person; ready to take the step forward again and rediscover love.

Contributing Problems

Find Love as A Single ParentSome of the main problems you may face as single parents really related to time factors. Having a child is a full time responsibility and doesn’t just stop when the going gets tough. A lack of time for yourself, a lack of necessary funds to do what you want, the responsibilities that come with the child, the impact of family and friends and also a loss of confidence are all contributing factors to the difficulty in finding love once again. You may wonder how single parents can find love despite a busy schedule, but it is not impossible. The first step is all about attitude.

Changing your mentality

Having a strong mental health and attitude towards dating once again is key to ensuring success. With the added responsibilities of a child, you may feel like all your time and effort is invested elsewhere, but this is not the case. Focussing on your needs as well will help you to become a better parent as well as provide the emotional support you need for yourself. Having a positive attitude will change your mentality and push you towards a change that you want to see for yourself.

Managing problems

If your problems are money based, this can have an impact on your emotional state. You may feel as though you can’t do the things that you want, but this is untrue. You can still have a good time and invest in your own emotional state through spending time with possible love interests all whilst being conservative on your pocket. Relationships also involve two people, therefore making it easier to manage time. Both people will understand the issues surrounding time management, therefore consideration first and foremost of how to organise time will make managing a relationship much easier.

Get out there

The most important factor is to try. Finding a partner is not as hard as it seems so long as you try. Trying is the first step to success and it will get easier as you progress. You don’t have to abandon anyone and can still easily maintain a healthy family relationship as well as adhering to the responsibilities of parenthood. There is no secret to how single parents can find love despite a busy schedule. It is all to do with time management and perseverance.

If you are looking for more help when it comes to dating, make sure sure check out our own Single Parent Dating Guide.

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    To all successful relationships, friendship is the foundation, in my opinion. Friends have respect with one another and trust is learned quickly. There are no pre-conceived notions with friends, which allows you to be uninhibited and grow. Friends usually have common interests; that’s perhaps how you met. You get to observe and learn about each other over time and see character, strengths, friends, family, and personal philosophy about life, challenges, and achievements.In the contrary, opposites do attract; unfortunately in the long term, they don’t stay together. When we’re young, we find others to fill voids in our own lives and we even marry them and have children. Then we grow up and discover one day we’re two different people, with no common interests. We didn’t change, only our perspectives matured.

  • I have to take issue with the first sentence. I’ve decided to remain happily single, and it is a valid life choice for anyone that is happy as they are. 

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