May 16, 2011
10 Great Workouts for Moms on a Budget
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If you’re one of the many moms out there who want to tone down your body but within a budget, then this article is your savior. In this article, you will find out the ten great workouts for moms on a budget. The workout tips that I will be mentioning throughout this article will help you lose those excess weights and make you look younger and leaner. The ten great workouts are walking on the treadmill, jump roping, eating apples, spinning in circles, walking, running, biking, swimming, stretching and sit ups.

Workout #1 – Treadmill
If you have a treadmill at home, then it’s time to make use of it. Walk or run on your treadmill once to twice each day for 30 minutes each. In case you don’t have a treadmill, then it’s best that you invest for it. Treadmill is a very ideal workout machine to help you shape up and tone your body. This is also great if you like walking outside but don’t have much time to do so; the treadmill will let you walk for miles while inside your room.

Workout #2 – Jumping Rope
Another great workout for moms on a budget is jump roping. Now this is something you can do at home with very minimal investment. Jump ropes are very affordable and you can find them in any workout equipment stores. You can even make by yourself by getting a few yards of rope from your storage room. Jump rope is a great workout for moms who like to lose a bit of weight down. 20 minutes of jump roping each morning will do the trick.

Workout #3 – Eat Apples
This might be a bit strange to you but yes, eating apples are one of the ten great workouts for moms on a budget. According to studies, apples are ideal for weight loss and it’s not just a part of the diet but the workout as well.

Workout #4 – Spinning in Circles
This workout is something you did when you were a kid – spinning in circles until you become dizzy. Specialists say that this workout helps you lose weight instantly and it also costs nothing but a few minutes of your time. Do a 15-minute spin at least 5 times each day for a successful weight loss workout.

Workout #5 – Walk
One of the best and cheapest of the ten great workouts for moms on a budget is walking. Instead of driving to a friend’s house that is a few blocks away, just walk. This will help you loosen up those excess fats in the long run.

Workout #6 – Run
Running is one of the best workouts that moms can do on a budget. You can perform running exercises in the morning or late in the afternoon either outdoors or from your treadmill.

Workout# 7- Biking
Bicycling around your neighborhood is a very ideal and affordable workout. Take your bike with you and have a few rounds near your home for a successful weight loss routine.

Workout# 8 – Swim
Swimming is a great workout for moms on a budget and is very effective for losing weight. If you have a pool at home, do 10 laps each day either in the morning or at night before resting.

Workout # 9 – Stretch
Stretches not only help you tone down your body, it also helps your improve your reflexes and improve your overall health. Perform 20 minute stretches each morning for a successful workout.

Workout# 10 – Sit Ups
Ten to twenty sit ups each day is a great workout for moms on a budget. This exercise even helps you get rid of your tummy fats after giving birth.
Now you can entirely change your daily routine by performing these ten great workouts for moms on a budget.

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