May 16, 2011
10 Easy & Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Apartment
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If your apartment needs a makeover but you don’t want to spend too much money on the project, then this article is for you. I’m going to tell about the ten easy and cheap ways to decorate you’re apartment. They are the changes you can do with regards to color, lights, walls, floor, windows, adding accessories, plants, using printable arts, adding balance and recycling old materials. After reading this article, you will be surprised how much you can decorate your home with some easy and cheap ways.

Ten easy ways to decorate your apartment on a budget:

1. Color – Ask your landlord if you are allowed to paint your apartment before deciding to add color on the walls. Apartments usually look worn out because of the old paintings. Choose a brighter and more vibrant color for your apartment depending on your type of personality. Paints are very affordable and you can do the labor by yourself during your free time.

2. Lights – A few additional light bulbs, lamps or any kind of lighting is an ideal way of decorating your apartment. Adjusting the lighting inside your apartment will make a big change within the space. You may place additional light bulbs in some corners of your apartment which will help make the space look larger and wider.

3. Walls – Changing the color of your walls can change the entire look of your apartment. You can do this by painting it with a new color or adding decorative wallpaper onto it. In case your landlord does not allow you to add any pain or wallpaper to the walls, you can hang framed photos or artistic pieces instead.

4. Floor – The floor is the center piece of any space in your apartment. One of the easy and cheap ways to decorate your apartment is by changing the look of your floor. If it has a carpet, you may want to just remove it so that the flooring will appear. Taking the carpet off will make the flooring stand out.

5. Window – Some apartments only have a few windows and what you can do to make them stand out is to add decorative curtains on them. Curtains don’t have to be expensive to add color into your apartment. Just a simple fabric can make a decorative curtain which is very economical and easy to assemble.

6. Accessories – Another way of decorating your apartment is to add accessories such as flower vases, framed photos, arranging old books, or any vintage items that you can find inside your storage room. These will help create a classy look into your apartment.

7. Plants – Add some life into your apartment. Placing potted plants in some corners of your room will add life into the space. If you like to add color, then use vases with real flowers in them.

8. Printable Arts – Choose an expensive piece of art, print it out and then hand it on your wall with a frame. This is very inexpensive but it makes a very classy appeal into your walls. No one will guess that the expensive art was just printed.

9. Balance – When decorating your apartment, always take note of the balance with regards to the decoration as well as the color. Choose complimentary colors only in a specific part of the apartment so that it does not hurt your eyes.

10. Recycle – The best way of decorating your apartment easily and economically is by recycling your old items. You can use old vases, flower pots, frames and book cases that you aren’t using anymore. Take them all out instead of buying new ones so you can save money.

Now that you know the ten easy and cheap ways to decorate your apartment, you can start transforming your space into a luxurious and classy one within a budget

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